Rammstein release first new song in a decade, “Deutschland”

Accompanied by a controversial, nine-minute clip that depicts ugly, violent chapters in German history.

Rammstein pride themselves on inciting outrage and controversy—something they’ve done again with the video for “Deutschland,” their first new song in a decade.

The German hard rock band had teased the nine-minute video with a 30-second snippet that honed in on a scene of themselves wearing in concentration camp prisoner uniforms with nooses around their necks. That provoked blowback from Holocaust survivors and official representatives who called the video “irresponsible” and “a tasteless exploitation of artistic freedom,” Reuters reports.

And yesterday, Rammstein unveiled the full video, which takes the viewer through ugly, violent chapters of German history, from medieval times to the Third Reich—which includes the scenes the snippet was lifted from—and the Cold War era.


Throughout the video, directed by Specter Berlin, the band members and a character named Germania, played by actress and model Ruby Commey, enact different scenarios of varying realism: from the crash of the Hindenburg zeppelin to clerics eating intestines off Germania’s body to Jewish prisoners executing their Nazi captors.

Rammstein’s new studio album—the follow-up to 2009’s Liebe Ist Für Alle Da—will be out May 17. Watch the video for “Deutschland” here:

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