Prophets of Rage release new single “Made With Hate”

Their next album has already been completed.

Prophets of Rage have returned with “Made With Hate,” their first single of 2019.

The supergroup’s new track saunters at a steady pace with fists at the ready. Vocalists B-Real and Chuck D are calm yet commanding as they channel the height of ’90s rap rock, assisted by Tom Morello and his signature guitar mastery.

“As with many songs, ‘Made With Hate’ was formed out of a conversation amongst ourselves about the level of passion fuel it takes to create. You must create the energy to hate ‘hate’,” Chuck D explained in a press statement. “To have peace you have to despise hatred with a passion for peace and attack it… You have to fuel yourself to attack in thought, word and deed with equal passion.”


Prophets of Rage bassist Tim Commerford revealed in an interview with KAAOS TV last year that their second album has been completed. Perhaps this new song means it’ll be released soon.

Listen to “Made With Hate” now:

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