Primitive Man’s new song is almost unbearably heavy

“Oily Tears” is about the decay of the earth.

Does climate change depress you? Are you despondent about the state of the earth? If so, this new song by Primitive Man should be right up your alley.

“Oily Tears” is almost unbearably heavy in sound and subject. It clocks in at six and a half blackened, sludgy minutes, abraded growls courtesy of vocalist-guitarist Ethan McCarthy. The song is “about how the earth is decaying right before our fucking eyes,” he told Revolver Mag, which premiered the song.

The track comes from a doom metal split between Primitive Man and Hell, the project of multi-instrumentalist MSW, which is out next February.


“We chose to do a split with Hell out of a mutual respect for their art. MSW has easily written some of the best doom/sludge songs of the last five years, and we’re excited to be able to share a release with him,” McCarthy told Westword of the project.

“We’re kind of in the same realm of this gross and angry sludge shit. Neither one of us is weed metal, and [finding people] you like discussing sludge bands with are few and far between. It’s always nice to find like-minded individuals.”

Listen to the song via Revolver Mag here.

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