Primitive Man preview new album with “The Lifer”

The doom metal group’s third album ‘Immersion’ is on the way.

Primitive Man have released “The Lifer,” the first single following the 2017 release of their sophomore album Caustic.

An unforgiving seven and a half minutes of bleak doom metal, “The Lifer” is the opening track of the group’s third album Immersion. The song arrived with an animated music video awash with unholy horror imagery—but its subject matter is far more down-to-earth.

According to vocalist Ethan McCarthy, “‘The Lifer’ is about being cursed with and unable to shed the desire to create. The lack of financial security that comes with that. It is also about the ever-present on the road psychosis touring musicians get as well as the enemies you meet along the way.”

The six tracks on Immersion face down the darkness, McCarthy said in a statement, looking at what “[sours] your view on your existence and everything you had worked towards, allowing you to become possessed by the darkest parts of your mind that you have carried around your entire life and not dealt with.”


The album is set for release via Relapse Records on August 14. Watch the video for “The Lifer” here:


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