Power Trip release furious new song, “Hornet’s Nest”

Unleash your rage with this summer’s angriest track.

Tough week? Then take out your frustration with “Hornet’s Nest,” Power Trip’s latest feverish and furious track.  

Released on Adult Swim single, the metal band are back with their signature raging music. With relentless screaming, hard-hitting machine gun-paced drum rolls and unhinged guitar solos, this uncompromising metal romp from the Nightmare Logic band never backs down.

“We’re just five guys up there raging as hard as we can,” singer Riley Gale recently told Loudwire.


“We tap into the anger of it all, the frustration of everyday life, as relatively common-looking dudes, rather than use metal as a form of escapism that relies on an image or some kind of gimmick.”

Listen to their new song here:

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