Panopticon releases new opus, “Know Hope”

From upcoming album ‘And Again into the Light.’

One-man black metal band Panopticon has previewed his new album And Again into the Light with the track “Know Hope.”

Minnesota musician Austin Lunn delivers roaring sonics and relentless riffs on the 12-minute track—which also includes a feature of Gee Vaucher from influential English art punks Crass.

In an interview with No Clean Singing, Lunn revealed that he wrote “Know Hope” for his wife and collaborator Bekah, and that it borrows its title from her knuckle tattoos. “It’s a song about fearlessly facing adversity and strife and having the strength and resilience to carry on in the face of loss, hardship, suffering and sorrow,” he said.


“Know Hope” is the first Panopticon release since his 2020 “bootgaze” EP Beast Rider, which was released in April to fundraise for musicians who lost income to the COVID-19 pandemic. And Again into the Light is due out in spring/summer 2021 via Bindrune Recordings.

Listen to “Know Hope” below:

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