Panopticon drops “bootgaze” ‘Beast Rider’ EP

To fundraise for musicians struggling due to the pandemic.

Musician Austin Lunn—who makes black metal records under the moniker Panopticon—has released the Beast Rider EP, which he has described as “bootgaze,” or “shoegazy country.”

The two tracks on the EP, “Beast Rider” and “Norwegian Nights,” are “electric versions” of existing Panopticon tracks that Lunn reimagined with his live band while they were touring in support of his albums, The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness Parts 1 and 2.

“I had a few buddies suggest that I do a recording of those versions (Jan, I’m looking at you), just to kind of preserve them,” Lunn explained in a statement, “since we tend to only play the metal stuff when we play as a full live band for the past couple of years.”


Lunn explained that he recorded the EP to fundraise for musicians he knows have lost income from the spate of concert and tour cancellations amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “The pandemic crisis is really hurting a lot of independent musicians, so I’d like to contribute in whatever way I can,” he wrote.

In a postscript, Lunn said that fans who want more characteristically Panopticon material will not be left in the dust. “I promise the next few releases, including the new album I have been working on for over a year, are metal as hell,” he wrote. “Panopticon is and will always be primarily a metal band. I just get a little side-tracked some times…”

Stream the Beast Rider EP here:



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