Pallbearer release new album ‘Forgotten Days’

Their fourth full-length is also a deeply personal one.

Pallbearer have released their fourth studio album, Forgotten Days.

The doom metal band whetted appetites for the record with singles like the opening title track, “Rite of Passage” and “The Quicksand of Existing.” All three exemplify the slightly stripped-down, but no less epic sound the four-piece chased for the album.

Bassist and songwriter Joseph D Rowland told Consequence of Sound of their approach for the new record: “I’d say, in general, Forgotten Days is a little less maximal than [2017 album] Heartless in terms of how densely composed it is. But I don’t think we’re trying to go back to ‘simpler times’ or something like that. It’s just that we have a broad array of stylistic choices that we made. We wanted to make a record that was more immediate and didn’t take many, many, many listens to digest all the things that we obsessed over in composing it.”


Forgotten Days is also a deeply personal record for Rowland, who processed his mother’s death in his songwriting for the album. “It was something that I definitely needed to face,” he explained. “Because of when that happened, Pallbearer ended up turning into something much bigger than any of us ever would have envisioned. It’s been like a proverbial whirlwind. It was a convenient way for me to never really take a step back and study how that affected me.”

Stream Forgotten Days below:

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