Ozzy Osbourne teams up with Elton John for “Ordinary Man”

The title track from the Prince of Darkness’ new solo album.

Ozzy Osbourne has unveiled “Ordinary Man,” featuring Sir Elton John. It’s the title track from Osbourne’s forthcoming 12th studio album.

On the powerful track, the ex-Black Sabbath frontman recalls his rock star life, drug addiction and road to redemption. “I’ve been a bad guy, been higher than the blue sky / And the truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man / I’ve made momma cry, don’t know why I’m still alive / The truth is I don’t wanna die an ordinary man,” he sings, backed up by John on piano and Guns N’ Roses’ Slash on guitar.

John takes the lead on the second verse: “Many times, I lost control, they tried to kill my rock ’n’ roll / Just remember I’m still here for you / I don’t wanna say goodbye, when I do, you’ll be alright / After all, I did it all for you.”


“Slash is a dear friend of mine, as is Elton,” Osbourne said in a statement. “When I was writing ‘Ordinary Man,’ it reminded me of an old Elton song and I said to Sharon, ‘I wonder if he would sing on it?’ We asked and lo and behold, he agreed and sings and [plays] piano on the song.”

Osbourne’s forthcoming album, Ordinary Man, will also feature the songs “Straight to Hell” and “Under the Graveyard.” The LP arrives February 21 via Epic Records.

Listen to “Ordinary Man” below:


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