Ozzy Osbourne surveys his career in video for “Ordinary Man”

A touching retrospective of the Black Sabbath singer’s life.

Ozzy Osbourne has released a video for “Ordinary Man,” the Elton John-assisted single from his solo album of the same title.

The video looks back on Osbourne’s eventful life, ranging from his days as the frontman of Black Sabbath to the rollercoaster ride that was his solo career.

There’s an element of sadness, though, that comes with “Ordinary Man,” given that the video captures Osbourne watching his entire life flash before his eyes. Director Stephen Lee Carr didn’t shy away from the more painful moments, including the loss of Osbourne’s touring guitarist Randy Rhoads and Osbourne’s serious quad-biking accident from 2003.


But there’s a happy ending: The video culminates in moving footage of Black Sabbath’s farewell tour and an intimate shot of Osbourne and his longtime wife Sharon.

In a statement, Osbourne recounted how John ended up on the song: “When I was writing ‘Ordinary Man,’ it reminded me of an old Elton song and I said to Sharon, ‘I wonder if he would sing on it?’ We asked and lo and behold, he agreed and sings and plays piano on the song.”

“Ordinary Man” is the title track of Osbourne’s 12th studio album, released last month. Ordinary Man features a staggering cast of sessionists including Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, Slash of Guns N’ Roses, Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and the rapper Post Malone. Other album cuts that have received the visual treatment include “Straight to Hell” and “Under the Graveyard.”


Watch the video for “Ordinary Man” below:

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