Otep take a hit on Trump (again) in new song, “Molotov”

Ohhhh, boy.

When it comes to politics, Californian metal outfit Otep are definitely not a band to bite their tongues. Following the release of “To the Gallows” and “Shelter in the Place,” the group have unveiled yet another politically charged single, this time dedicated to all the “tainted racists and Nazi believers.”

“If they become violent, don’t expect us to remain silent,” lead singer Otep Shamaya yells on the opening, before “Molotov” plunges into metal madness. Expect lots of explosive guitar riffs and pounding drums.

“Molotov” appears on Otep’s latest album, Kult 45, which arrived in July. In a statement, Shamaya described the record as the group’s most expressive one yet. “Things needed to be said and songs needed to be written that reflect the times.”


Check out “Molotov” below:

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