Otep release hyper-political single, “To the Gallows”

The metalheads take on Trump with a fiery track.

It isn’t tough to figure out Otep’s political leanings in their latest track, “To the Gallows.” In the raw, angry song, the LA-based nu-metal band issue a not-so-subtle message to the POTUS.

“This is a song for the heretics,” opens the track, whose video offers a montage of Soviet-style imagery depicting Donald Trump as its primary antagonist. Weaponry, oil rigs and—yes—the GOP symbol flash by and bludgeon you into submission. And the lyrics also rely on blunt force to get the point across: “Resist the dictatorship” and “the White House is infected with madness” are a taste of what to expect.

“To the Gallows” is the first single off Otep’s upcoming album, Kult 45, which is due out July 27.


Stream the track here:

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