Ossuarium conjure “Corrosive Hallucinations”

From the Portland death metal band’s upcoming album.

Portland death metal band Ossuarium are readying their debut album, Living Tomb, and they’ve just dropped a new song from it.

True to its title, “Corrosive Hallucinations” is both haunting and heavy as hell. After a scorching two minutes, the track takes a nosedive into slower, more atmospheric territory, but the dynamics certainly don’t stop there. We’ll let you discover the seven-minute song’s twists and turns for yourself.

The song, “both lyrically and sonically, tells the saga of being dragged through the deepest darkest depths of depravity until your sanity is ultimately disintegrated,” the band told Revolver Magazine, which premiered the track. Cheery stuff.


“Corrosive Hallucinations” is the second track out from Living Tomb, which will drop February 1 on 20 Buck Spin. Stream it here:

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