Old Man Gloom surprise-release new album

It’s the second of two records they had ready for release.

Old Man Gloom have surprise-released a new album—and it’s not the one that you’re expecting.

Last week, the metal supergroup dropped “EMF,” the first single from Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning. But the record Old Man Gloom have unleashed is Seminar IX: Darkness of Being—the sequel to the album they had most recently announced.

The band have dubbed the unexpected release “a reverse Gloom.” On Facebook, they explained: “Instead of playing a trick on everyone, we’re going to play a trick on ourselves, and unfortunately for Profound Lore, our record label.”

They added, “We made two records. I know, it’s not a surprise, we usually do. Over the course of recording, we had so many plans with how to release it… Eventually we settled on doing all the announcements for Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning, and then a week before its release, drop Seminar IX: Darkness of Being without announcement.”


The coronavirus pandemic, however, threw a wrench into Old Man Gloom’s plans, and they ultimately decided to put Seminar IX out first, “to help bring a little light into this situational seclusion.” Read their full statement below.

As we're all locked down, and uncertain about what will shake out of all this bonkers shit, we at Old Man Gloom have…

Posted by Old Man Gloom on Monday, March 23, 2020

Talk about pleasant surprises. Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning is due out May 22, but you can stream Seminar IX: Darkness of Being below.


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