Old Man Gloom release ‘Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning’

The band put out their second album for 2020.

Metal supergroup Old Man Gloom have shared their second album for the year, Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning.

The LP comes after the band surprise-released Seminar IX: Darkness of Being—yes, the follow-up to Seminar VIII—in March. These two records are the first to be released following the death of bassist Caleb Scofield (also of Cave In and Zozobra) in 2018. They were completed with Scofield’s Cave In bandmate Stephen Brodsky stepping in to help complete recording.

Upon the release of Seminar VIII, Old Man Gloom drummer Santos Montano took to Facebook to highlight two album cuts, “Final Defeat” and “True Volcano,” which started as songs Scofield wrote.

“It was really weird for me to record to [‘Final Defeat’] in the studio, simultaneously painfully feeling his absence, but joyfully basking in his presence,” Montano wrote. “Emotional is an unbelievable understatement, but the result is something I hope you all can find a fraction of the value we all feel it has.”


He added, “Hope you all are finding the light of meaning, and I hope you’re not being bogged down by the darkness of being. I had no idea these titles would find such a prescient hold on our current lives.”

Listen to Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning below:


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