Of Mice & Men announce ‘Timeless’ EP with “Obsolete”

It will mark their debut release with SharpTone Records.

Of Mice & Men have announced their new EP, Timeless, with the release of its first single “Obsolete.”

The gut-busting track swiftly roars to life with furious screams and snarling guitar riffs. “I think we all wonder, to a certain extent, whether or not we’ll fit into the future, or how we would, or what that would look like,” vocalist Aaron Pauley explained in a statement about the song’s theme.

“Obsolescence is very prevalent in our lives. We see how quickly old phones become virtually useless, how quickly fads and trends come and go. It’s all too easy to ponder about when you’ll become a covered wagon, or a flip phone, or Myspace.”


Timeless, out February 26, will mark Of Mice & Men’s debut EP on SharpTone Records. It is their first major studio project since 2019’s EARTHANDSKY for Rise Records. Last year, the band released the single “How to Survive.”

“Obsolete” was paired with an intense animated music video which depicts a person trying to escape from crushing fists while vultures eagerly watch. Check it out here:

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