Of Mice & Men announce a new era with ‘Timeless’ EP

The EP begins “a narrative that the future releases will build off of.”

Of Mice & Men have shared their new EP Timeless, the first major release to follow their 2019 album Earthandsky.

The opening title track is a standout of the EP, blending vocalist Aaron Pauley’s impassioned vocals with punishing guitars, atmospheric drones and an impressively tight rhythm section. The EP also includes “Anchor” and “Obsolete.”

Though Timeless might only contain three tracks, Of Mice & Men have revealed that this EP offers the foundation that future releases will build upon.


“It deals with themes of uncertainty about the future, as well as the complicated feelings associated with them,” said Pauley in a statement. “This EP, in totality, deals with the idea of impermanence in an ever changing world, and how we all fit into the changing of times—beginning a narrative that the future releases will build off of.”

Timeless marks the first time Of Mice & Men have released music without Rise Records, opting instead to forge ahead with new label SharpTone. The EP was also recorded and produced by the group without external assistance.

Listen to Timeless here:


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