Norwegian two-piece Hymn release “Exit Through Fire”

From their second album, ‘Breach Us.’

Norwegian two-piece metal outfit Hymn have released “Exit Through Fire,” another preview of their second album Breach Us.

Hymn are singer/guitarist Ole Ulvik Rokseth and drummer Markus Støle. Though the duo have been collaborating for 13 years now in a string of other projects, they only formed Hymn in 2013 and released their debut album Perish in 2017.

At nearly ten minutes in length, “Exit Through Fire” is a sludge metal opus and a formidable preview of Breach Us, which will be released August 28. For its official video, Hymn trimmed a minute off the track and director Christian Samuelsen paired it with a slew of arresting imagery, from quicksand pools to animal skeletons.


Watch it here:

And stream “Exit Through Fire” in its entirety below:


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