Nita Strauss unleashes “Pandemonium 2.0”

From her upcoming debut album, ‘Controlled Chaos.’

Guitarist Nita Strauss has made a name for herself in the metal scene over the years by rocking out alongside Alice Cooper, Femme Fatale, The Iron Maidens and more. Now, she’s turning the focus on her solo efforts with a new single, “Pandemonium 2.0.”

The track is just as wild and chaotic as it says on the tin. It’s three minutes of straight-up “instru-metal” goodness, featuring furious riffs and pummeling drums.

“Pandemonium 2.0” will be released on Strauss’ upcoming debut album, Controlled Chaos, out November 18. The record will collect songs that range from “bright and fun to aggressive and dark,” giving listeners a “glimpse into [her] personality,” she said in a press statement. And if this song’s any indication, the record’s going to be a total face-melter. We can hardly wait.


Check it out below:

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