Monolord find ‘No Comfort’ on their new album

The band’s first release on Relapse Records.

Swedish doom metal band Monolord have unveiled their fourth studio album, No Comfort.

The record, which clocks in at 47 minutes in length over just six tracks, is “more emotional” than their previous releases, frontman Thomas Jäger said in a statement: “There are lyrics about disease—we’ve had relatives with cancer and things like this—and when you think you’re done with one crisis, the next one comes along. So sometimes you feel there’s no comfort left. Anyone going through a rough time can relate, I think.”

No Comfort, which Monolord previewed with the single “The Bastard Son,” is their first full-length on Relapse Records. The LP is also their follow-up to 2017’s Rust.


Stream No Comfort here:

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