Monolord drop new two-track EP ‘I’m Staying Home’

The Swedish band return with a timely social distancing PSA.

Monolord have released a new two-track EP containing a special COVID-19 message: “I’m Staying Home.”

Monolord’s new EP arrives after the band spent last year focusing on the instrumental re-release of their 2014 debut album Empress Rising and its follow-up Vænir. “I’m Staying Home,” the sludgy focal point of the Swedish group’s release, brandishes walls of guitar to deliver a timely PSA about social distancing.

“A leftover track from the [2019 album] No Comfort session with the lyrics re-recorded to suit our current state. Stay the fuck home,” Monolord vocalist Thomas Jäger quipped in a statement.


“I’m Staying Home” was mixed and mastered by Monolord’s own Esben Willems. To round out the EP, Monolord paired the song with a live version of No Comfort’s opening track “The Bastard Son.” The nine-minute live recording was recorded from their set at Germany’s Freak Valley festival in 2019.

Pre-orders for the physical release of I’m Staying Home are available via the band’s label Relapse ahead of its February 5 release. Listen to the single below:

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