Mayhem share brutal new track, “Falsified & Hated”

‘Daemon’ arrives later this week.

Norwegian black metal icons Mayhem have shared “Falsified & Hated,” a song off their upcoming album Daemon.

On the hellish track, frontman Attila Csihar growls over pummeling guitar riffs and fiery drumbeats: “Burned in flesh, no healing / Burning wings, dreadful soul / Ah, heaven is burning / Ah, trumpets blow on deaf ears.”

The track arrived days after an explosive interview by Mayhem founding member Necrobutcher. The bassist revealed he had been ready to murder his bandmate Euronymous, who was famously killed by former Mayhem member Varg Vikernes in 1993. The guitarist’s death, a notorious episode in Norwegian black metal history, was the subject of the 2018 film Lords of Chaos.


“Falsified & Hated” is the third track released from Mayhem’s upcoming album Daemon, following “Worthless Abominations Destroyed” and “Of Worms and Ruins.” The album arrives this Friday via Century Media.

Listen to “Falsified & Hated” here:

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