Mayhem release heavy new single, “Of Worms and Ruins”

Written by their guitarist Ghul.

Norwegian metal band Mayhem have released “Of Worms and Ruins,” a brutal cut from their upcoming sixth album Daemon.

The track was written by the band’s guitarist Ghul aka Charles Hedger (also of Cradle of Filth). “Horns of stench and tail of slime / Claws of fate and fang of time / Damp earth turns hope to death / Pulsating corpse feeds and shelters,” frontman Attila Csihar growls over a frantic drumbeat and relentless guitar riffs.

“Here we are, yet another chapter written in the book of Mayhem with a track that Ghul wrote,” guitarist Teloch said in a press release. “This is a premiere track for Ghul, showing off what he will bring to the table. So indeed our new album has two composers, instead of one. It shall be much more interesting, as for Mayhem having two composers in the band is not the norm.”


“Of Worms and Ruins” is the second single from Daemon, following “Worthless Abominations Destroyed.” The record arrives October 25 via Century Media.

Listen to “Of Worms and Ruins” below:

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