Maximum the Hormone’s new video is the definition of fitspo

The irreverent Japanese metal band are as disrespectful of genre boundaries as ever.

Trying to shed some pounds? Discouraged by how hard it’s going? Check out this video from Japanese metal vets Maximum the Hormone.

The clip for “Maximum the Hormone II -Let’s Talk about Menkata Cottelee-” isn’t just a music video. It’s a celebration of guitarist Maximum the Ryokun’s weight loss journey, and a rejoinder to all the fans who preferred him when he was chubbier.

As the video’s description explains, Ryokun was diagnosed with “lifestyle-related diseases and warned that he was going to die if he [didn’t] change his lifestyle by a medical doctor.” So the dreadlocked axeman embarked on a successful diet and exercise regimen.


How successful? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. The hyperactive clip matches Maximum the Hormone’s gonzo, genre-blending energy: Energetic, oversaturated footage captures their explosive blend of grindcore-meets-nu metal, interspersed with funky, bubblegum pop interludes soundtracking an aerobics class.

Check it out here:

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