Mastodon release new song, “Fallen Torches”

They also announced a new rarities album in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

Mastodon have announced a collection of digitally unreleased material titled Medium Rarities. The first track, “Fallen Torches,” is out now.

It was written by the band and features guest vocals by friend and collaborator Scott Kelly from Neurosis. “Fallen Torches” muscles its way with frantic percussion and a formidable wall of guitars led by needle-sharp solos, making it a tantalizing preview of the hard rock juggernauts’ new album.

As described in a press release, “Fallen Torches” is a “classic Mastodon track.” It was recorded last year in Atlanta and was originally planned to be released in support of a European tour. However, the band delayed the track to focus on releasing “Stairway to Nick John,” a rendition of the Led Zeppelin classic and tribute to their late long-time manager Nick John.

Aside from original compositions, Medium Rarities will also include covers of “A Spoonful Weighs a Ton” by Flaming Lips and “A Commotion” by Feist. The band’s Game of Thrones-inspired track “White Walker” will also be featured in the album.


Medium Rarities will be released in conjunction with the band’s 20th birthday. It arrives on September 11 via Reprise Records. Listen to “Fallen Torches” here:


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