Machine Head are sick of love on “Circle the Drain”

    A scorching break-up anthem.

    Machine Head
    Image: Atom Splitter PR

    If you’re looking for a break-up song to unleash your pent-up rage, then Machine Head’s latest single, “Circle the Drain,” should be right up your alley.

    In a press statement, frontman Robb Flynn said that the song—which the band released on Valentine’s Day—was “inspired by an acquaintance of mine who returned from Afghanistan only to have his relationship fall apart with his girl.” “She had messed around on him, then got paranoid about him messing around on her, and drove him crazy,” he added.

    Over searing guitar riffs and a thunderous roll of drums, Flynn angrily chants, “Get the fuck away from me!” before diving into the equally blistering chorus. “We’re no good, it’s me I’m trying to save,” he sings. “Treading water we’re just numbing the pain / Spinning ’round as we circle the drain.”

    “Circle the Drain” is the second single from Machine Head’s new lineup, following 2019’s “Do or Die.” Last October, the Californian heavy metallers announced the departure of longtime guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain, who were replaced by Vogg Kiełtyka of Decapitated and Matt Alston of Devilment, respectively.

    Crank up the speakers and rage out to “Circle the Drain” below: