Liturgy return with transcendent new song, “God of Love”

It comes four years after ‘The Ark Work.’

It’s been four years since Liturgy last released new music, but the experimental metal band have now returned with a new song, “God of Love.”

The clamorous eight-minute opus, which melds string arrangements, glitch effects, furious blast beats and harp flourishes, is the quartet’s latest release since their 2015 album, The Ark Work. It also follows frontman and Liturgy founder Hunter Hunt-Hendrix’s metaphysical opera Origin of the Alimonies, which the group debuted live in New York last year.

Though there’s no word on a new Liturgy album just yet, the band do intend to play new material during their set at New York venue Market Hotel tonight. It will be their first major performance in three years. Tickets are still available here.


Listen to “God of Love” below:

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