Liturgy collaborate with LEYA on new song, “Antigone”

Named after a heroine of Greek tragedy.

Brooklyn-based black metal band Liturgy have collaborated with avant garde duo LEYA on the new single, “Antigone.”

The two acts had recorded the song for a joint tour before the pandemic started, and its release is unfortunately accompanied by news that the tour, previously postponed, has been officially cancelled.

But fans should still be pleased by “Antigone”: The song is a whirling, chaotic blend of metal and cinematic orchestration. Liturgy’s bandleader Hunter Hunt-Hendrix and LEYA’s Adam Markiewicz’s howls rip across frantic percussion and wailing guitars—and gorgeous strums of the harp.

Liturgy gave more context for the song’s namesake in a statement: “Antigone is a heroine of Greek tragedy who chose to give her outlaw brother an honorable burial, despite her city’s decree that to do so would sentence her to death. She anticipates the Christian existentialist concept of faith, whereby one commits to their singular love, despite what is practical or useful, and the result is—not any reward, either in heaven or on earth—but the dissolution of the current horizon of meaning, which is the very essence of justice.”


“Antigone” follows the Liturgy song “Pasaqalia II,” which reimagines “Pasaqalia” from their 2019 album HAQQ. It’s also their first release since Hunt-Hendrix came out as transgender last month. “I am a woman,” the singer said in an Instagram post. “I’ve always been one. The love I have to give is a woman’s love, if only because it is mine.”

Listen to “Antigone” here:


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