Listen to Zeal & Ardor’s new EP, ‘Wake of a Nation’

A powerful new project from the black metal bluesman.

Zeal & Ardor—aka Manuel Gagneux—has released the new EP, Wake of a Nation, a potent and timely statement from the black metal bluesman.

Gagneux announced the record with the powerful singles “I Can’t Breathe” and “Vigil” in September, following up a few weeks later with “Tuskegee,” which is a response to the notorious Tuskegee Syphilis Study carried out from the ’30s to ’70s in rural Alabama.

“Frederik Pohl once said, ‘It is and remains my conviction that a story has to speak for itself, and that any words a writer adds to it after he has finished telling it are a cop-out, a lie or a mistake.’ “While I agree I feel pressed to make an exception for this EP,” Gagneux said in a statement. “Wake of a Nation’s intent and context should be obvious… these six songs are a knee jerk reaction to what has happened to my fellow people in the last months.”


The new EP follows a live album, recorded in London and released last year, and the studio album Stranger Fruit, which arrived in 2018.

Listen to Wake of a Nation below:

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