Listen to Vreid’s new single “The Morning Red”

‘Wild North West’ will arrive next month.

Norwegian metal outfit Vreid have shared “The Morning Red,” a new single from their upcoming concept album Wild North West.

Built on ominous melodies and classic metal riffs, “The Morning Red” slowly builds into a punishing outro propelled by unrelenting percussion. The latest offering from Wild North West is paired with a suitably bleak music video, which opens with the band finding themselves washed onto a rocky shore. Vreid go on to perform their atmospheric single in front of Harastølen, an abandoned, century-old sanatorium in the Norwegian mountainside.

Wild North West was developed alongside a movie of the same name, with Harastølen acting as the centerpiece to their film. “Once built to shield people from infectious diseases and later the asylum of the wild northwest, it became our creative center during the pandemic,” Vreid explained in a statement.


“With the world closed down, we admitted ourselves to one of Scandinavia’s most mythical and majestic buildings to record the movie. The massive building has been abandoned for almost 30 years, and the harsh climate has taken its toll as the building [is] being consumed by nature day by day. The history and destinies that these roughed walls embrace are fascinating, vile and dark to say the least.”

Wild North West will arrive on April 30 via Season of Mist. Watch the video for “The Morning Red” below:

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