Listen to Ultha’s brand-new EP, ‘Belong’

The German band’s first release of the year.

German metal band Ultha have released a new EP titled Belong.

The two-track project, which features a hefty runtime of 38 minutes, is the band’s first release in over a year. The EP is the follow-up to their third studio album, The Inextricable Wandering, which arrived last October.

Belong is also the last recorded music we’ll get from Ultha for some time. The band recently announced on their website that they will go on indefinite hiatus starting December, after their fourth Unholy Passion Fest, an annual event they curate.


“We decided to make this year’s [Fest] our last show for an unforeseeable period of time—maybe ever,” they wrote. “We don’t know yet—we just know it’s time for a break… But for now all we know for a fact is that we are tremendously thankful for all the continued support throughout these five years.”

Listen to Belong here:

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