Listen to new(ish) Tool song, “Descending”

It’ll sate all you ardent fans before the band’s anticipated album drops

Looks like the 12-year wait for Tool’s new album is coming to an end. In the lead up to the drop, the band have sneakily slid in a new (kinda) track into a recently released promotional video for their music clinic tour. And it’s called “Descending.”

It’s a dark, heavy instrumental jam that Tool have been playing at their shows since 2015, but this is the first ‘semi-official’ recording of the song. Too raw to be a final cut, the preview could either be a demo or audio from a live performance taken from the board.

Either way, we haven’t heard “Descending” quite like this. While it’s not clear if the track will indeed feature on the quartet’s forthcoming record, it’s bound to qualm the Tool fans tearing their hair out in anticipation of the album.


And there’s more good news on that end, too. Frontman Maynard James Keenan tweeted earlier this week about the status of the album: “My work is done. Words, melodies. Waiting on them to track. Then I can finish.”

Listen to the preview of “Descending” here:

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