Listen to Khôrada’s new track, “Glacial Gold”

The band’s line-up features former members of Agalloch and Giant Squid.

Freshly minted metal outfit Khôrada, which comprises former members of heavy metal act Agalloch and prog rock group Giant Squid, are currently gearing up for their highly anticipated debut album, Salt. And they’ve released the second single off the record, “Glacial Gold,” as a preview.

The track carries a dark ambient tune, which opens with howling wind and singer Aaron John Gregory’s grim vocals. It finally picks up when the drums kick in and Jackie Perez Gratz’s emotional cello-playing enters, sending goosebumps.  

“‘Glacial Gold’ is a turning point song on Salt, sorrowfully reflecting on what came before it, while looking for the means to move forward, a metaphor possibly for my own life, or even that of this band and what it represents for all of us involved in it,” Gregory told NPR Music.


Salt arrives July 20. For now, take a listen to “Glacial Gold” below:

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