Listen to Immortal’s new track, “Mighty Ravendark”

The song is off their upcoming album, ‘Northern Chaos Gods.’

Norwegian metalheads Immortal are returning with a new album, Northern Chaos Gods—their first since frontman Abbath left the group in 2015. And the remaining duo, Demonaz and Horgh, have just unveiled the second single off the record, “Mighty Ravendark.”

It’s an epic nine-minute track that oozes pure black metal evil: pounding drums, raw screams and hypnotic guitar riffs included. “Cold winds they blow, all forest and snow / Shadows creep in forests old / Unending realm, awaiting fires end / All light from worlds disappear,” Demonaz wails on the track’s opening.

Northern Chaos Gods drops this Friday. Check out the song’s lyric video below:


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