Listen to Ghost Iris’ new song “Desert Dread”

Featuring vocals by Chimaira’s Mark Hunter.

Danish tech metal outfit Ghost Iris have teamed up with former Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter for their latest track “Desert Dread.”

Anchored by melodic guitar riffs and thumping double-kicks, the explosive track juxtaposes frontman Jesper Vicencio’s striking clean vocals with Hunter’s deeper growls. “ Procreation, an ethical right / New life, an absence of might / Unsupervised growth / They’ll eternally loathe / Society pushes forward lies as it seem / As it seem,” sings Hunter in one of his verses.

“The only feature we had in mind for this album was Mark—having him feature on one of our songs is a dream come true and a fact that we still can’t fathom,” the band shared on Instagram.


“Desert Dread” is set to appear on Ghost Iris’ forthcoming studio album Comatose, alongside their previously released track “Paper Tiger.” The band’s last album was 2019’s “Apple of Discord,” a ten-track project that featured songs such as “The Rat & The Snake” and “Finale Tale.”

Hunter, on the other hand, has been relatively quiet on the music front after Chimaira’s 2014 split. In 2019, he underwent a successful surgery to remove his thyroid after being diagnosed with Papillary thyroid cancer.

Comatose is due for release on May 7 via Long Branch Records. While you wait, listen to “Desert Dread” here:


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