Listen to Gatecreeper’s sophomore album, ‘Deserted’

The follow-up to 2016’s ‘Sonoran Depravation’ has finally arrived.

Gatecreeper have released their much-awaited sophomore album, Deserted.

In true death metal style, the band deliver 11 ferocious tracks that feature pummeling drumbeats and hearty growls. The full-length includes the previously released songs “From the Ashes” and “Everlasting.”

“Writing catchy songs has always been the goal for Gatecreeper,” frontman Chase Mason explained in a press release. “We wanted big hooks and catchy leads while still being extreme and aggressive. I kind of take pride in not being a progressive band. It’s very obvious what our influences are, and that’s fine. It’s like making a mixtape of our favorite bands, combining them into one thing and making it our own.”


Deserted is Gatecreeper’s first LP since their 2016 debut, Sonoran Depravation. Last year, they teamed up with Iron Reagan for a split EP.

Stream Gatecreeper’s latest here:

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