Listen to Frontierer’s latest song, “Glitcher”

It’s about to get real loud and intense.

You might want to lower your speakers. And maybe a lil bit more. Because Frontierer’s new song is an absolute screamer.

The Orange Mathematics band have just dropped a new song, “Glitcher,” and it’s loud. The song blends classic elements of metal with noise music, and injects plenty of fuzzy effects to accompany the vicious vocals and slamming drums. One for diehard metalheads, the four-minute track is relentless in intensity, never slowing down for a moment of rest. Prepare yourself, as it’s going to get your heart thumping.

“Glitcher” gives a taste of the sound on the Scottish band’s forthcoming album, Unloved, due July 27.


Listen to their new song here:

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