Listen to Dead Now’s debut single, “Richie Blackmourning”

Ex-Torche and Day Old Man members have formed a new band.

Former members of metal bands Torche and Day Old Man have come together to form a new outfit, Dead Now. And they’ve got a catchy, lively debut track “Ritchie Blackmourning” to kick things off.

By metal standards, the song can almost be considered laid-back. It rocks a punk-like vibe similar to Andrew Elstner’s earlier work while he was with Torche, which he brings to Dead Now as their guitarist, vocalist and lyricist. Sure, it’s got distorted riffs, hard-hitting drums, but with a focus on melody and vocals—minus all the screaming.

Besides Elstner, former Day Old Man members Derek Schulz and Bobby Theberge are on the bass and drums, respectively.


The outfit are set to embark on a North American tour to promote their debut self-titled album, due September 17. Stay tuned for more.

Listen to “Ritchie Blackmourning” here:

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