Listen to Aversions Crown’s new track, “The Breeding Process”

The aliens have taken over.

Australian death metal outfit Aversions Crown have just kicked off their North American tour with The Black Dahlia Murder and Whitechapel. To mark the beginning of their life on the road, the band have given fans a first taste of what’s to come on their upcoming fourth album.

“The Breeding Process” is equal parts eerie and badass. And like most of the group’s past productions, it’s hugely inspired by sci-fi. Featuring brutal drumming and frontman Mark Poida’s gnarly vocals, the five-minute-long track centers on a ‘human production’ farm, where aliens have imprisoned humans to conduct an inter-species experiment.

“No god will save you from this,” Poida yells. Creepy.  


“We spent some time recently in the studio to develop the blueprint for our fourth album. We wanted to figure out exactly what sound we were going for and what direction the album would take,” the band stated.

Stream the track below:

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