Listen to Amorphis’ folky “Honeyflow”

It’s a B-side off the Finnish metal band’s recently released album, ‘Queen of Time.’

A pan flute issuing out a Celtic-inspired melody isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think Finnish death metal. But that’s exactly what opens Amorphis’ new track, “Honeyflow.”

Released as part of Decibel’s Flexi Series, the track is a B-side off the band’s Queen of Time LP, which only dropped a few weeks ago. “Honeyflow” is a folky, upbeat number that doesn’t need to rely on sheer aggression to reel us in—it’s got strings, tight riffage, catchy vocal melodies and that signature Amorphis key change in the chorus to do that.

Stream “Honeyflow” here:


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