Listen to Aeternus’ new song, “The Sword of Retribution”

It’s pure black metal madness.

After a five-year hiatus, Norwegian metal veterans Aeternus are making a comeback with their latest single, “The Sword of Retribution.” The track is the first offering off their forthcoming eighth studio full-length, Heathen.

Running just over four minutes, the song features a haunting melody that’ll make your skin crawl. It’s filled with pummeling drums, vicious blackened death metal riffs and frontman Ares’ throaty growls.

“The seven-track album is a no-bullshit, straight to the point, heavy hitting attack on your ears and soul,” the band’s record label Dark Essence wrote on their SoundCloud page.


Well, if the rest of the album sounds just like this, then we’re definitely up for it. Heathen arrives October 12. Listen to “The Sword of Retribution” below:

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