Letters from the Fire deliver the goods with “Comfort You”

The new track takes us back to the ’90s industrial metal movement.

If you like your metal with more than a dash of industrial, you’ll wanna check out Letters from the Fire’s new track, “Comfort You.” And then you’ll want to listen to it again. And again.

The killer cut wears its influences proudly on its sleeve, and it’s all the better for it. It sounds as though it was lifted from a bygone era—one of buzzsaw guitars, huge hooks and plenty of patent leather. Aka the ’90s.

And the video for the tune’s got a huge #throwback feel to it, too. It’s as if you’ve stuck in an old VHS (remember those?), and it features lead singer (and actual ballerina) Nina Bergman delivering the looks, moves and attitude.


Get your ’90s nostalgia fix here, and keep an eye out for Letters from the Fire’s self-titled album when it drops in a few months:

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