La Dispute share two new songs, “Fifteen” and “Kinross”

A pair of haunting spoken-word tracks.

La Dispute have concluded 2020 with a double release, “Fifteen” and “Kinross.”

Both songs consist of brooding spoken word cast over fragile instrumentals coated in reverb. On “Fifteen,” vocalist Jordan Dreyer wistfully ruminates on how he would spend his younger years if he had the chance to do it all again. “Kinross,” on the other hand, considers the invasive feeling of guilt and how it wreaks havoc on one’s emotional state.

The two tracks arrived as a part of the post-hardcore band’s Patreon project, which aims to draw back the curtain on the band’s creativity. “Fifteen” and “Kinross” join La Dispute’s self-dubbed ‘parallel’ catalog, which consists of companion compositions designed to accompany their traditional album releases. The songs were exclusively available via Patreon prior to release on Bandcamp.


On Christmas day, La Dispute made their entire discography available on Bandcamp, encouraging fans to quote their own price to help raise funds for the Rent Party Detroit and the Detroit Community Wealth Fund. The initiatives raise awareness for a range of social issues including homelessness in the Detroit area.

La Dispute’s last album was 2019’s Panorama, which received a remixed edition featuring contributions from Nnamdi, Hether Fortune, Cremation Lily and more.

Listen to “Fifteen” and “Kinross” on Bandcamp here.

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