Kvelertak share shapeshifting new single, “Fanden Ta Dette Hull!”

Their new album, ‘Splid,’ is imminent.

Kvelertak have released “Fanden Ta Dette Hull!”, yet another single from their new album, Splid, which is out this Friday (February 14).

The Norwegian metal band fire off a flurry of double-tracked guitar solos throughout their new song, taking advantage of the near-eight-minute runtime to shift between thrash, hard rock and death metal. According to the band, “Fanden Ta Dette Hull!” tells the story of a skeleton in Norway’s Stavanger museum.

“There used to be a[n] exhibition in the basement called ‘Crooked Animals and Smiling Skeletons,’” the band explained in a statement. “Most of the skeletons are as old as the museum. They had, after so many years, become crooked and it looked like they were smiling. The first thing you could see was a skeleton of ‘Homo Sapiens’ and it was a real skeleton of a man who grew up in my neighborhood in the 19th century… ‘Fanden Ta Dette Hull!’ is the story of his life.”

Splid will be the band’s first album without longtime singer Erlend Hjelvik, who was replaced by Ivar Nikolaisen in 2018. The record will also feature the songs “Crack of Doom” featuring Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and “Bråtebrann.”


Listen to “Fanden Ta Dette Hull!” here:


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