Korn announce new podcast with “Can You Hear Me”

Their 13th album, ‘The Nothing,’ drops later this week.

Nu metal outfit Korn have released “Can You Hear Me,” another preview of their forthcoming album, The Nothing.

The song dropped alongside a chilling “visualizer.” The video tracks the development of a cult and the influence of its enigmatic leader through cryptic documents and unsettling, blood-stained images. At the end, it’s revealed that the clip is a teaser for the band’s upcoming podcast, also titled The Nothing.

“In the spirit of giving our fans the most comprehensive and immersive Korn experience, we’ve created a fictional, narrative podcast called The Nothing,” the band explained in the video’s YouTube description. “With Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, we tell the story of a small town in Kansas that has seen its ills be solved at the hands of a charismatic, commune leader and his devotees. But of course, nothing is ever as it seems.”


“Can You Hear Me” is the latest single from The Nothing, following “Cold” and “You’ll Never Find Me.” The album is due out this Friday via Elektra/Roadrunner Records. On the other hand, Korn’s brand-new podcast series arrives next month.

Watch the visualizer for “Can You Hear Me” here:

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