Jesus Piece go hardcore on “Curse of the Serpent”

Time to get sweaty and mosh to this.

All hell breaks loose on “Curse of the Serpent,” the first single off Jesus Piece’s debut LP, Only Self. It’s loud, it roars and it’s extremely chaotic—just what you’d expect from the up-and-coming death metal quintet.

“Sink your fangs in me / Ignored my every plea / Rotting away at me / Revenge is all I seek,” vocalist Aaron Heard yells on the high-powered hook.  

“‘Curse of the Serpent’ is an ode to the grudges that everyone holds. It’s a song about long-lasting pain sitting in the back of your mind. The kind that just doesn’t know how to f*ck off,” the band stated. “We chose this song first because it’s a great introduction to this record, but doesn’t define the overall sound.”


As long as the rest of the tracks are as explosive and brutal as this one, you can count us in. Only Self is due August 24. Stream the song below:

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