Islander’s video for “Crazy Crazy World” features Sting

The pro wrestler goes through the motions of daily life

Islander have shared a music video for their introspective single “Crazy Crazy World” featuring professional wrestler Sting.

As Islander frontman Mikey Carvaja sings about losing touch with the world, Sting wrestles with everyday life as he reads comics, does the laundry and buys a sandwich for a struggling man on the street. The song leans into the minimal side of Islander’s songwriting to offer an outlet for Carvajal’s struggles with his mental health.

“I wrote the lyrics when I was struggling with depression, but it really is an anthem for the times we are all in right now,” the singer noted in a statement. “It’s not a heavy song musically, but this whole year has been heavy enough for everyone. We wanted to contrast the heaviness with something beautiful and relatable, especially considering no one can mosh or stage dive or anything that comes along with being an aggressive band right now.”


Before releasing “Crazy Crazy World,” Islander shared a pop punk cover of REM’s ever-so-relevant 1987 hit “It’s the End of the World as We Know it (And I Feel Fine)” in April. It’s been four years since Islander dropped their sophomore LP Power Under Control, and the band promise that their follow-up will offer some of their heaviest work to date.

See the video for “Crazy Crazy World” below:

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