Irreversible Mechanism unleash metal battery on “Abolution”

The Belarussian death metal band are back with a furious new single.

As a preview of their forthcoming sophomore full-length, Irreversible Mechanism have just released a new single, “Abolution.” Set your volume to max and hang on tight—this isn’t for the faint of heart.

The single is a study in multi-dimensional metal. Over its four and a half minutes, the Belarussian band wrap melodic passages, technical wizardry and—gasp!—clean vocals around a molten death metal core. The group’s 2015 debut album was cut up for being too run-of-the-mill, but, thankfully, “Abolution” sounds as though they’ve taken the criticism to heart.

The new record, titled Immersion, drops on September 14. Listen to the first single here:


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