Inter Arma release intense new track, “Citadel”

A harrowing first glance of their forthcoming album, ‘Sulphur English.’

Inter Arma have unleashed “Citadel,” the heavy first single from their new album, Sulphur English, out April 12.

Even after 13 years, the Virginia metal band refuse the allure of accessibility. For Sulphur English—their third studio full-length—they doubled down on their uncategorizable blend of doom, sludge and death metal, digging ever deeper into dark sonic territory.

“For the band as a whole, Sulphur English is an ill-tempered, unrepentant act of defiance towards stagnation and complacency,” vocalist Mike Paparo commented. “We create this music on our own terms and we refuse to compromise our collective vision, for better or worse.”


And from the sounds of “Citadel,” the record is not for the faint-hearted. Hear the single here:

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