Inter Arma cover Neil Young’s “Southern Man”

The metal band have also announced a new covers album.

Metal outfit Inter Arma have announced a new covers album by releasing their rendition of Neil Young’s “Southern Man.”

The leading track from the band’s upcoming Garbers Days Revisited LP blends Young’s earthy country composition with an ample serving of howling metal. It’s an exciting glimpse into their new covers project, which will contain metal versions of Prince, Ministry and Tom Petty, among others.

“Covers have been an integral part of Inter Arma since the beginning of the band,” drummer TJ Childers said in a statement, “and some of these songs have a direct lineage while others are a little more… obscure. As timing would have it, we hope this provides a bit of an escape for listeners, given the surreal circumstances we’re in at the moment, because after all, great art should provide an escape which is part of why we chose to do this: sometimes you just wanna be runnin’ down a dream.”

Inter Arma’s fourth album Sulphur English was released last year. It spawned several singles including “Stillness,” “Citadel” and “Howling Lands.” Garbers Days Revisited is set to drop July 10 via Relapse Records.


Listen to Inter Arma’s cover of “Southern Man” below:


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